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We are committed in taking care of all your dental needs with our sincere effort and hope that you will say " Painless and Perfect "
..... Ultimately its your decision that makes the difference !


Patients Protected From Biofilm & Contaminated Water

About Us

Our dental office was started more than 25 years back. 

We are always in track of the technological changes and new trends in dentistry. Our team has the experience and abreast with the technology too.  

We have been privileged to have served many stars of the Kannada film industry and real life. 

We have been part of many interactive 'LIVE' and recorded shows on dental education in major TV channels of Karnataka, Doordarshan Karnataka.

We were ahead in many ways before.......We are always in search for more.

AWARDS Our doctors have received many dental awards for their sincere efforts in service.

Customer Service Award 2014 & 2015

Outstanding Dentist 2015(Karnataka)

Nominated As Outstanding Dentist 2014 (India)


Best Dental Surgeon 0f The Year 2014


Best Dentist In Karnataka 2014



Most Promising Dentist In Bangalore 2012


Dental Education on TV Channels


Our Privilege to have treated them

Nagu Nagutha Nalee Nalee...